Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Sovereignty

Rob is gone on his bachelor weekend to Northern Michigan, which means the apartment is my dominion and I have unconditional Krista-time.

The royal to-do list for the weekend:
1. Go for a bike ride/picnic with Gabby
What's exercise without the promise of food? I'm in charge of the picnic eats, so I'm thinking of making these two things that Martha says I should and this recipe I've been dying to try from Sprouted Kitchen.

Chicken Salad and Havarti Cheese Wrap (Martha)

Chickpea, Cherry Tomato, and Feta Salad (Martha)

Carrot Cake-wiches with Greek Yogurt (Sprouted Kitchen -- her photography is amazing)

2. End my summer sewing hiatus. Bridesmaid gift spoiler alert.
I'm making clutches as part of their gifts for being attendants. I just found some awesome fabric from JoAnn's (quelle surprise?!). Here's hoping they turn out...

3. Watch all of Mad Men Season II while drinking scotch
Rob likes to watch TV series in moderation, whereas I prefer to wait for the DVDs and watch the series all in one sitting. There's something wonderful about getting caught up in the story, not noticing that the sun went down, and later realizing that it's already 3am and, dammmit, you don't care.

Product placement works. Mad Men puts me in the mood to drink scotch and I plan to do just that. We only have Dewar's at the moment, but that will nobly fill the bill.

4. Get coffee from Julius Meinl and hit up the bookstore
I love Julius Meinl for the following reasons in descending order of importance: a) the founder is Bohemian, b) they have great packaging, and c) I like the taste of their coffee.

5. Sleep diagonally

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