Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Rob and I went out hunting for his marital suit this weekend. We set out looking for a three-piece suit, but had no luck. Almost no one carried them, which was kind of disappointing. We're in the wrong season and the addition of a vest makes the suit cost skyrocket, which leads to no demand for supply in this cursed economy.

As our level enthusiasm for the shopping trip started to subside, we gave up on our quest for the three-piece. But in the end, Rob found a really great fitting suit that was actually long enough for him and he is pretty excited about it.

BOSS Two Button Suit, Charcoal

For the groomsmen gifts, we're hooking each of them up with a shirt, tie and a tie clip. I love the ties! They're slim, but not super anemic like something Pete Doherty would wear. And although the economy at-large worked against our favor in the suit situation, it helped us in the tie department.

Mixture of Ben Sherman and Calvin Klein, Rob's is the plaid in the middle

I think they'll look sharp with the addition of a tie clip. The Art of Manliness has a post about outdated men's fashions that still have charm and the tie clip gets a mention with a picture of this manly man. The article is fun, but for the record, I disagree that the tie clip is indeed outdated, or an item that ever goes in-and-out of style for that matter.

I would sit in a lawn chair on the driveway with this man any day

Other less manly men with tie clips, just 'cause...

Milo Ventimiglia from GQ


This has J.Crew's fingerprints all over it, but I'm not entirely sure where I grabbed this

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