Thursday, July 16, 2009

Renting Pros and Cons (not an exhaustive list)

I go back and forth on my feelings on renting an apartment, but most of the time I love it. The lack of responsibility and the ability to just pick our stuff up and leave are big points in the 'pro' column. That kind of freedom is comforting in case of attack on the city of Chicago or the coming of the 2016 Olympics.

There's pressure to own because 'it's fiscally responsible' and 'paying rent is like flushing money down the toilet.' But how sweet can any deal really be when you also get a pile o' stress and sacrifice in the bargain. You are now a slave to you habitat, cleaning gutters, putting money into roof repair instead of going on vacation, and worrying about the condition of your wood floors.

Our back porch could fall off at any moment and a wooden window frame is rotting before our eyes in our bathroom, but my care for this is minimal to non-existent. I'm not going to get bids from contractors and have to take a day off of work to manage the project. I might shoot an email to my landlord if I remember. And that kind of apathy feels really, really good.

Why don't more people rent apartments for life?

Perhaps one day I will not be OK with decaying wood in my living space. My standard of living will inevitably rise. I may find another more perfect food than Bagel Bites. And these things are probably all positive personal growth.

But at this point in my life there's only one huge point in the 'con' column of apartment living, which is a lack of private outdoor space. Not a mow twice a week, pain in the ass lawn -- but space for a garden to hang out in with iced tea and maybe grow some veggies.

I found these nice, very non-rented gardens on the website of my favorite crazy robot lady.

this one is my favorite

not an outdoor garden, but still pretty and full of greenery

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