Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mindy Kaling is really funny. Shopbop is still a tempting temptress.

Kelly Kapoor is one of my favorite characters on The Office and now I'm suspicious that her character is not too far from the actual Mindy Kaling. Reading her blog, things that i bought that i love, is like being cubicle mates with Kelly at Dunder Mifflin. It's all things shopping and funny.

Also of note: Mindy is a big shopbop fan, an obsession that I share thanks to friend and shopbop writer, Amie.

* * *

I was looking through today at things I can't purchase because I'm saving my lootcakes for a camel ride in Morocco. Lately, this blog seems like a sad spinoff of Kaling's, titled 'Things that I can't buy that I love." Here's what's making me question if camels are really that cool today...

Outfit Uno

Let it be known... I'm pro-romper; Tucker floral romper

Frye Billy Short Booties

Outfit Due

Alex and Ani Eagle Cuff; wear this without irony on the Fourth of July

Pedro Garcia peep toe pumps with feathers

I didn't include any clothing for outfit due -- not because I wasn't finding plenty that 'I can't buy but love' -- but because it's not necessary. It would distract from those beautiful, beautiful shoes.


amie said...

a. Mindy Kaling IS really funny. I love her blog, though the formatting's always really wonky on my screen, which drives me crazy.

b. Thanks for the shoutout. I feel famous.

c. I too am pro-romper, though I don't love the idea of having to strip every time nature calls.

d. C may have contained too much information.

Krista Seidl said...

Good call. I never considered the that problem before with the romper... I'm having flashbacks of the body suit.

Now, the romper + long john flap is an idea I could throw my full support behind.