Thursday, May 21, 2009

She's a lady

I was hunting around for an outfit for our engagement shots next weekend and I found her. I'm undecided on the whole feathered headband though. I love the feathered hair accessory trend, but I also envision myself wondering what the hell I was thinking in a few years. It will probably depend on how I'm feeling that evening -- if I'm in the mood to damn timelessness, then she will be worn and that bird will not have lost its feathers in vain.

Classy dress

4" heels will make me only 2" shorter than Rob

A bird is naked somewhere

This outfit also calls for some red lipstick, but I'll have to feel out my level of bravery for that as well.

I asked Rob what he was wearing and his answer was more or less "a shirt, maybe some pants..." This means that I get to call the shots and tailor his outfit to mine. We're ordinarily not a couple that coordinates outfits to events and such, but I'm going to wield the hand of art director in this scenario.

* * *

We were in San Francisco last weekend. I always leave that city feeling so inspired and motivated. Once I get more caught up at work, I have some cool stuff to show from the weekend.

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ejdiamond said...

go for the feathers! they ARE timeless :)