Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Lady and her Gent are photographed

We had our engagement photo session with our photographer, Erin Hanson, on Saturday and she just posted some shots on her blog. We had so much fun! And I was brave enough to wear the feathers, despite getting scathing comments from my brother and Rob beforehand ('It's like you have roadkill on your head,' 'What the hell is that,' etc). Whatever guys; don't question my flair.

One of the favs

Sassiness with the heal kick

Water was cold, cold, cold

Just, you know, dancing in the bay like we always do

Love this one. Rob looks handsome.

I thought Erin was great and I'm so excited to have her take our wedding day pictures.

Bonus: we made the homepage of her site!


K. Carlos said...

How FUN! Love the dress! Love the shoes! Love the photos!

amie said...

You look lovely! Rob, dashing! As they would have said in 19th century America, what a handsom couple!

And, I dig the feather headband--the total opposite of roadkill.

amie b.