Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ruscle Melaxers... yawn

Something sinister has been going on with my neck this week. I can't move it due to muscle spasms and am forced to walk around like Herman Munster in a drug-induced haze.

me; minus the smile, plus the drugs

In my 48-hours of being a user, I've learned that muscle relaxers are for serious. So my goals for this work day are just to 1) not drool in front of anyone, 2) avoid heavy machinery and 3) paint with all the colors of the wind* ...this client needs a mascot -- something magical like a gnome riding a griffin bareback. That's funny... This palette should be rainbow-colored... I need a sixth cup of espresso... I crave Arby's... These thoughts make sense for fleeting moments.

But I truly wish I could take my psychedelic-self to the room scene below (or really any place that's conducive to nap taking). Our user-testing room is the only place in our office where I could take an emergency nap, but that lacks a bed and waking up to a fresh pot of french-pressed coffee in a world without neck pain.

room scene via Design Sponge -- world without neck pain

*While we're on the topic of drug-induced haze, who thought this was worth making?

Williams, Vanessa (1995). "Colors of the Wind"

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Brenda - Aesthetic Dalliances said...

No you DID NOT just got Pocahontas on us.