Thursday, March 26, 2009

Color-coordinated shelves -- to do or not to do?

When Rob moved into his previous apartment, I helped organize his movie collection. Having a bunch of plastic DVD cases up on a bookshelf usually looks so horrible, so I thought I would at least simplify the clutter by organizing them by color on the shelf.

This method of organization makes sense to me. Being more of a spatial versus verbal learner, I remember where things are by sight and color much quicker than scanning words and I usually remember the general appearance of a book or movie cover that I own.

Example: when I'm looking for Harry and the Hendersons, I immediately know to look in the blue section. On a side note, if you haven't seen anything weird today, check out the German intro to Harry and the Hendersons, the TV show.

Harry was more of a Kinesthetic Learner

I was out-numbered: Rob and his roommate, Aaron, had them in alpha order by the month's end. But I still think there's something to the color-method. Anyone else?

Hey, at least it looks neat:

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