Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Weekly Weird, introductory edition

In my apartment, I like to offset a room with something curious, such as the plastic dinosaur on our fireplace mantle, the alligator head on our bookshelf, or the line-up of dry wishbones on our kitchen sink window. I don't feel like my living space is complete if it's too normal, conventional.

I gravitate toward the weird and I realize that I come across a lot of weird in the course of a week. I revel in the strange details in life, so I'm creating "The Weekly Weird" as an excuse to document some of it.

So what's weird this week? This freakish twin egg, that's what.

free-range chickens are into some freaky shit

I still used the egg, but I got sort of suspicious when the next two eggs had two yolks as well (and annoyed during the separation process). Nevertheless, all three freak eggs went into the graham cracker cake I tried to make for Rob's mom.

Alas, the cake in its intended form was not to be as I forgot the baking powder. I passed it off as a tort instead and it was actually tastier than it had any right to be given its density.

freakishly dense cake-tort made with the freakish twin eggs

I was interested in the whole twin egg thing and wondered if it was common. A basic Google search confirms that it is somewhat weird and further tells me that I will either give birth to twins or have a morbid death in the family, depending on my choice old-wives tale. I'm hoping neither and that the ruined cake-tort will appease the gods.

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