Monday, September 15, 2008

You need better friends... put the kibosh on this.

A recent NYTimes article covers a supposed trend in dictating the dress code of wedding guests. This level of direction doesn't refer to helpful guidelines on the formality of the affair, but borders on a uniform code.

...I'm having flashbacks to parochial school -- standing in the lunch line -- the length of my skirt measured with a yard stick and eyelashes inspected for mascara... before being allowed into your ceremony for which I traveled 500 miles and paid +$800 to witness.

So I ask: where are her friends on this one?

"On the Web site for her January wedding, Mariela Pérez is requesting 'hacienda chic,' which, as interpreted by the bride-to-be, means seersucker suits for men and brightly colored cocktail dresses for women.

Ms. Pérez said that she did not want her guests to show up in dark colors, which she thought would look out of place in a tropical setting. 'I admit it may be a little bit controlling,' she said, 'but I do think it’s my right to want to look around in my wedding and see people looking nice.'"

I don't think it's worth dissecting the many reasons why this is nutso--or questioning her definition of a "right." But I do think it's worth calling out her nearest and dearest for shirking their primary role as bridesmaids, to temper the prima donna.

They got the invite

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