Sunday, March 28, 2010

Old Friend, New Friend

Rob won Christmas this year by a landslide. I gave him a casual watch for everyday use. He gave me a digital SLR.

* * *

Before the coming of the Christmas Camera (1 day B.C.C., if you will) I was still glowing with satisfaction over my Panasonic Lumix with the Leica lens. Pre-Lumix, my life was a medieval abyss of disposable Kodak Funsavers. I relied on pillaging photos from friends' Picasa albums to update my Facebook account and fill my iPhoto Library. And this was 2006 (3 B.C.C). So the Lumix was quite a renaissance.

Panasonic Lumix, shot by Canon EOS Rebel T1i

But then I opened up my Christmas present this year and became an instant snob, forgetting all the lessons I've learned and friends I've made during the Funsaver years.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i, shot by the Panasonic Lumix

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