Monday, August 3, 2009

Clutch Progress

I'm happy with how the bridesmaid clutches are turning out. I'm working off a really simple pattern by Keyka Lou that I found on Etsy. Here's the making of the prototype:

Pieces cut out and ready

Finished interior

Cute little guy

I liked my little prototype, but something wasn't quite right with the fabric. It wasn't luxe enough and the print was bugging me. I'm a little sick of Damask-inspired prints. And what these pictures don't show are some serious alignment issues at the seems.

So I chose to move to a solid by using a dark, espresso-brown velvet as the exterior. The inside is a floral cotton print. Here's a sneak peak of the six bags in progress:

I just need to insert the lining and other end of the magnetic snap... and then, Presto! I've got me part of a bridesmaid gift. Hopefully I'll have the finished product up tomorrow.

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