Thursday, April 23, 2009

'Bout Time

Brenda, aka Aesthetic Dalliances, is about to have a baby any day now and I've been focusing some craft energy on her unborn.

I just shipped off a care package to London-town via pony express because International FedEx is attainable only by kings and gentry. So who knows when this will actually show up! In short, I'm taking a chance by posting this right now and ruining any surprise.

Snuggie: it's a backwards robe for a baby

Biggest challenge: finding masculine baby fabric that's not ugly

I first noticed this on Ali's* Black Sheep Knits (and Sews too!) and fell in love with it. Turns out the pattern is in Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones. I love Butler's books as they're easy to follow for the novice.

But as most of my projects go, I find something to mess up. This time it was the button holes that were supposed to act as delicate little belt loops. In what I've now termed the 'ingenuity phase' of all my projects, I came up with an alternative belt loop that was not delicate, but hey, it's industrial strength. There's a funny little patch on the inside, but the yet unborn won't mind especially when I promise to spoil him.

Back belt loop

* Aleks, the artist formerly known as Ali is grown up and a serious 2nd-year law student, 'Ali' is forever five years-old and helping build elaborate blanket forts in my parent's basement. I can't move on.


Brenda - Aesthetic Dalliances said...

No surprises ruined :) I love the ingenious sturdy belt loop and think you did a great job choosing the fabric. There are way too many cheesy baby boy prints out there...if I get one more onesie with a freaking baseball / football joke on it I'm going to scream. :)

Now I just need the baby to put the robe on!!!

Aleks said...

HAHAHA!! Oddly enough, I see myself the same way. And you... you always got the good prairie skirt so that when Mikey aka "Butch" came home from war you always looked the best. It's amazing how many times he was shot as a child.