Friday, February 13, 2009

#&%$ &()@#*(#(@^(

This week has not be stellar for many reasons, but the icing on the crap cake was my failed attempt at printing our wedding Save the Dates.

Rob gave me a gocco printer for Christmas, which was a really awesome gift. I had expectations of printing all our wedding materials on it. I've seen so many great examples of this on various blogs, but I failed spectacularly... I don't know why... I think my design was a little too detailed?? The 9pt reversed-out type didn't have a chance... I'll post an image of that wreck once I have the heart to take it.

Our save the date design (or, 'STD' as my file is labeled)

I think I'm going to send an emergency order to my usual letterpress printer at Letterpress Chicago (his midge video of the press on the homepage makes me smile). It will have to be one-color and I'll have to axe the variance in tint in the sky as I did not budget for gocco failure.

The silver lining is that it will be on #100 Mohawk Superfine and I think the design will translate to letterpress in an interesting way. It will make our lame little wedding logo pop. Yep, wedding logos are lame and God only knows why I slapped one together, but then again, why am I slapping on a veil? There's a metaphor in there somewhere.

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