Friday, October 10, 2008

Nuptial Sanity

Since getting engaged, I've gone through an evolution of sorts. At first, I was gobbling up every wedding magazine, etiquette book, and blog in sight. I really wanted this impressive, made-to-remember event. Thank God we have a long engagement...

Because after month three, I realized that every magazine issue was the same. The Knot began to feel more cancerous than helpful: the exclamation marks next to tardy tasks made me feel inadequate and the peddling of tacky crap like disco lights with our initials annoyed me.

All the pomp was starting to feel stale... and narcissistic... do people really want a keepsake item with the happy couple's monogram or wedding theme? That all seems rather embarrassing. I started to twitch every time a vendor would use the phrase 'it's your special day.' So I put myself on a wedding diet -- not the weight-loss kind -- but from sensory gluttony.

I've got a slim list of blogs that I'll check from time to time for ideas or inspiration, and there's one that I love in particular, A Practical Wedding. This blog is a rare bastion of nuptial sanity. She's not ascetic or an extreme DIY-hero. She just has great common sense and keeps things in marvelous perspective. I love it.

I read this blog whenever I feel a tinge of guilt for wanting to 'keep this whole thing simple.'

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