Friday, October 8, 2010

Cooking to-do list

For the past month and a half of having a puppy and happily obliging him in his need for constant love and affection, cooking has totally fallen by the wayside. I'm fed up with Arroy Thai (even though I love you) and pizza (not the homemade variety, but the frozen and ordered, even though I love you). So aside from making actual meals, which who am I kidding, will probably just be something stew-like in the slow cooker, I've been wanting to make the following for quite some time:

First up: Vafler for Saturday Breakfast

These aren't going to be true vafler as our waffler is for much thicker, American waffles. What's important here is the cardamom and the sour cream. Recipe from Sons of Norway which will have to be adapted so it's not so runny for our maker. I'll serve with jam and we thankfully have some Gjetost cheese that I've been meaning to devour.

I knew you'd come in handy

Savory Apple & Cheddar Galette for Sunday Brunch

We have a whopping three friends running the Chicago marathon this weekend. That's a crazy amount of friends doing a crazy amount of running. To celebrate, we're going to a brunch while they run :) I've been wanting to make this galette for some time and I think this is the perfect excuse.

Happy weekend!

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