Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aesthetic Dalliances

Brenda the Beastlet, one of my closest girlfriends from college (and bridesmaid! and soon-to-be mom to Ludovictus the Unborn!), just started a blog. Knowing her passion for all things beautiful, tasty, and amusing, this will be a good one to follow.

Where else will you find a personal anecdote involving a playground, an escaped bull, and a midge-Beast who happened to wear red to school that day?

It gets the highly sought-after Extreme Boheme* endorsement, which is notable both for the rarity of its bestowal and the arrogance behind creating one's own award.

*In actuality, I just like using that term as much as possible, such as with the Boheme Machine (my iPod) and the Boheme Supreme (my computer).

It's stolen from my grandmother, who refers to Bohemians as "The Bohemes." I'd assume this is a racial slur if it weren't so funny when she says it. Additionally, she doesn't do well with the 't-h' sound (so cute), so it sounds more like 'Ta Boheems."

So you may ask: what is the best sentence you've heard Grandma Issy say to date? Easy: You have to go through Duluth to get to Thunder Bay.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

I love getting made up awards. :)

And I love Bohemian Goulash too.