Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trendy birds

Our family Christmas tree growing up was pretty motley. My parents have an old TV box full of mismatching ornaments, which is a lot considering this box originated from the era when TVs were still designed as if it were a piece of heirloom furniture. Half of these ornaments were broken, but all were required to hang on the tree. This rule even applied to the clay or melted wax ornaments we would make in school every year.

When we were younger, my brother and I would seek out all of the gaudiest family ornaments and place them at the front of the Christmas tree to irritate the mama bear. There was a lot of competition for this mantle of honor, but we would usually pass over my respectable collection of unicorn ornaments in favor of the birds. All of these birds were crafted from elaborate plumes, laboriously sought after by our dog, and needed several branches for support apiece.

Over the years, my mom has started gifting us bird ornaments in retaliation. I have a healthy collection that's growth rate has escalated ever since they've become a commodity in the Target Holiday department.

So why are birds so trendy? I have no idea. They're on every piece of stationary I see now.

Here's the really sick part: now I think birds are cool. And I think this bird mobile is the coolest.

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