Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Dream of Cake

Having a really fancy and expensive wedding cake has never been on my nuptial wish list. I would rather plunk down money for a variety of desserts and candy. Rob and I talked about having a very small cake for the sake of tradition, but maybe in the shape of our Wii characters or sculptural busts of our heads -- something we would find funny.

Rob's sister, Elinor, made her own wedding cake last November, which was delicious and gone within a couple minutes of the cutting (otherwise I totally would have tried to nab seconds). She recently took a job as a baker/decorator at this San Francisco-based bakery that I have to admit has made me reassess my feelings on the wedding cake.

The bakery is I Dream of Cake, which has some really impressive and some really crazy designs. They're truly pieces of art. Below are a few of my favorites:

This has to be red velvet cake a la "Steel Magnolias"

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