Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Seal V

I recently found out that American Idol has a songwriting competition for the final song and all the royalties. My future brother-in-law wrote an entry, 'Into My Own.' Not only did he write all instrumental parts and the lyrics, but he also performed everything. Really impressive.

It's kind of Seal-esque (which is said as a compliment); I figure Seal is married to Heidi Klum -- who hosts 'Project Runway' -- which is awesome. By the transitive property, Seal is both awesome and fierce. And 13-year-old me liked 'Kiss from a Rose' enough to overcome the association with 'Batman Forever.'

Here is a list of all entries.

Vote for Andrew Diamond on April 10 by signing up on the American Idol Songwriters site.

Note: Seal has had four albums named Seal I, Seal II, and so on. I think Andrew could do better, but it might be funny to steal the name of Seal's eventual comeback album.

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