Monday, March 31, 2008

Ideas + Paprika = Tasty Blog

I'm constantly looking for inspiration; I find this in almost any form, whether it's a book, restaurant, website, or boutique. So the game plan is to find beauty in at least one thing a day and compile a seemingly endless list of awesomeness.

I recently got engaged and have been scouring the internet looking for crafty wedding ideas and inspiration. During the happy/stressful/fun process, I've come across so many blogs that document some really beautiful things; I think it's a great way to gather thoughts and put things out there for broader appreciation (or shameless plug).

This project is for my own enjoyment as I'm pretty confident the only people that might read this regularly are probably related to me. But if by some chance you're reading this and not my mom, feel free to comment (and Mom, you can comment too).

Oh, about the blog title: I want this project to be a tasty mishmash of sentiments and ideas... I also happen to be Bohemian and enjoy a good goulash.

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